24hours :: Design Charrette

Fall Charrette

이전의 단기설계 프로그램을 재정비한 프로그램으로 매해 건축학부 전 학년 학생들을 대상으로 짧은 시간 내에 주어진 디자인 문제를 풀어내는 건축적 설계 순발력을 키울 수 있는 프로그램이다. 학생들이 팀을 결성하여 디자인 과제가 발표된 이후 24시간 이내에 구상과 설계를 마치고 작은 판넬과 모델을 제출하는 공모전으로 1995년 삼풍추모공원을 시작으로 종이의자, 빛상자, 재활용 수납공간, 사간동 읽기, 나무의자, 스파게티지붕, 비만인을 위한 패션쇼, 옥상쉼터, 건설공학관 개구부, Mr+Mrs. coffee, 재활용품을 이용한 새집 등 다양한 주제가 주어졌다.

The Department of Architecture hosts the annual 24Hours. Supported by the Department's Alumni Association, this festive event is a short-term design competition, open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Since 1995, full-time faculty have taken turns in devising a new program that students must solve usually in less than 24 hours. In contrast to the studio sessions within the curriculum, where students are trained to work in a accumulative manner, the 24Hours is designed to induce the students's maximum creativity through intensive work in a limited period of time. The pedagogical aim is to develop the students's ability to focus on specific design problems, to deal with various media, to work together, to have hands-on experience with different materials, to engage in the specific time and space of their surroundings, and to build confidence in their ideas. The 24Hours promotes collaboration between upper and lower-year students as well as between architecture and architectural engineering students, who are encouraged to form teams of mixed group when participating in the competition. Themes have ranged from paper chairs, light boxes, and spaghetti trusses to overweight/skinny clothes, recycled walls, and re-defining the window.